High Alkaline Diet – When Does It Help?

High Alkaline DietThe measure of how alkaline or acidic our bodies are is called our PH level. The number 0 represents total acidity, while 14 is indicative of total alkalinity. The number 7, the mid way point between the two, is the neutral point. The confusing part of all of these numbers is that different parts of the body have varying levels of acidity, which can make people considering a high alkaline diet all the more perplexed and can make understanding various types of acid alkaline diet options all the more of a conundrum. For instance, the stomach must be acidic in order to digest the food you are putting in it, meanwhile your blood is normally just a bit alkaline, managing to hover at just above a PH level of 7. So how does all of this fit in to an alkaline diet plan? Well, supporters of the plan claim that by providing a balanced PH to the body, greater overall health can be achieved leading to not only weight loss, but other health benefits, including those as far-fetched as the unproven alkaline diet cancer link.

The good news for people contemplating a high alkaline diet? It’s actually a pretty healthy diet anyways, and unlike other fad diets, it doesn’t put a lot of strain on the body. Because a high alkaline diet is primarily vegetarian in nature, shunning foods like meat, dairy and processed foods, and promoting lots of water drinking (even alkaline ionized water) and abstaining from caffeine, weight loss can come pretty easily for people on a high alkaline diet. However, don’t be fooled – you won’t affect your body’s PH much at all – it’s still going to typically hover just above neutral regardless of what you eat.

Besides the obvious benefits to your waist line, there are other benefits to a high alkaline diet. People plagued with kidney stones will find that a high alkaline diet can reduce the risk of recurrence of kidney stones. Additionally, some studies have shown that this type of diet can reduce muscle wasting and bone loss, and there are even claims made that chronic diseases can be potentially staved off on a high alkaline diet.

If you are considering this type of dietetic adjustment however, be sure to talk to your doctor first. If your body’s PH is out of whack, you may need more than alkaline diet recipes to fix it, because sometimes it can be a sign of an underlying disease, such as one affecting the kidneys.

Additionally, because of the restrictive nature of the diet, it’s important to make sure that essential nutrients like calcium are not forgotten in the haste to eliminate dairy products, which can lead to other problems and complications. Being smart about a high alkaline diet by finding ways to replace lost nutrients that the body needs that it is not getting from food can eliminate some of the problems associated with this method, and working closely with your health care provider to ensure that your chosen technique is safe for you is essential to long term success.