High Cortisol Levels – What Is the Impact on My Health?

High Cortisol LevelsOur bodies respond to danger by producing high cortisol levels necessary for us to take immediate action in order to preserve ourselves from immediate risk. Elevated levels of cortisol make us extra alert, raise our blood pressure to make us ready to spring into action. There is a lot of evidence of people carrying out unthinkable acrobatic jumps or running at really high speeds previously unknown to them to escape danger.

Unfortunately, everyday demands of life put us in situations with chronic stress that results in high cortisol levels building up over a period of time. If people do not take measures to reduce stress in their lives with proper nutrition, exercise and relaxation techniques, high cortisol levels are sure to wreck havoc in all systems of their bodies.

Women carrying a lot of life’s responsibilities on their shoulders including work, house chores and families have very little opportunity to recover from high cortisol levels build-up and are more likely than men to be affected by the side effects of stress. High cortisol levels cause female hormone imbalance resulting in menstrual irregularities, inability to get pregnant or carry a baby to term. High cortisol levels are also responsible for weight gain, insulin resistance, bone mass reduction, memory and recollection. Estrogen dominance that is caused by too much estrogen lingering in the system has a vast list of side effects, namely, depression, sleep problems, fertility issues, thinning hair, abdominal weigh gain and many more.

High cortisol levels that are chronically present in a woman’s body inevitably result in low progesterone that in its turn negatively affects fertility. Women with low progesterone are very often unable to conceive or suffer repeat miscarriages.

High levels of stress can additionally affect your thyroid function making it work in the overdrive mode and causing dangerous hyper thyroid symptoms like anxiety, sudden weight loss, inability to relax, digestive problems and insomnia.

In summary, uncontrolled stress ravaging through your life causes imbalance in the endocrine system of the body equally affecting men and women. Keeping high cortisol levels under control, exercising and consuming a very wholesome and fresh diet will help you bring cortisol levels down without the use of prescriptive medications.