Hip Replacement Surgery and Recovery

Hip Replacement Surgery and RecoveryHip replacement surgery or, in medical terms total hip arthroplasty, focuses on replacing a damaged by injuries or degenerative diseases joint with a metal or ceramic implant. The prosthesis used during hip replacement surgery is bio-matched to a human body to reduce chances of being rejected by our immune systems. The life expectancy of a hip implant is anywhere from 10 to 15 years depending on your lifestyle activity levels.

For younger patients with persistent hip pains or recurring injuries due to the hip degenerative disease, a hip resurfacing procedure is more advisable to preserve the most of the bone tissue in case a full hip replacement surgery is needed later in life. Hip resurfacing and hip replacement surgery and recovery times are very similar, however hip resurfacing procedure requires more surgeon’s skill and experience.

For people with chronic hip pain due to multiple hip injuries and for cases when torn hip labrum surgery did not bring desirable results, hip replacement surgery might be a good way to get back to a pain-free active lifestyle. Unfortunately, torn labrum surgery can only make cosmetic changes to the hip cartilage but if the damage to the joint is severe, it calls for more drastic surgical measures.

Physical therapy and patient’s diligence and willingness to adhere to the hip replacement surgery and recovery protocol is the foundation of a new working hip joint. Already on the second day of the surgery you will be asked to get up and start moving using crutches or walking with assistance. Hip replacement surgery and recovery exercises will help you prevent hip joint stiffness and gain much needed mobility. Gradually building muscles surrounding a new hip implant will help stabilize it and make walking and other activities easier.

If you want to learn more about hip replacement surgery and recovery steps, Edheads virtual hip surgery is a great and very interactive way to try out your surgical skills necessary to perform this complicated procedure.