Histamine Foods List – Top 10 Allergy Inducers!

Histamine FoodsThere are many histamine foods on the market that can cause your allergies to flare up. However, some foods are more likely to induce an allergic reaction than others. These are the 10 most common histamine foods in existence.

1. Nuts – Peanuts, coconuts, almonds and all other foods of the nut variety can cause a severe allergic reaction in people of all ages. If you are exhibiting peanut allergy symptoms, stay away from all types of nuts.

2. Dairy – The human body needs the calcium and vitamin D that is found in most dairy products, but it doesn’t need the excess lactose. Technically, an allergy to dairy products is referred to as lactose intolerance or milk protein allergy.

3. Gluten – Found in many products as a filler, gluten can be irritating on the digestive system and cause blockages in the bowels as well as developmental problems in children. This is one of the most common histamine foods around.

4. Shellfish – Lobster, clams, shrimp and crab are delicious, but they can also be deadly. Food allergy testing must be conducted in order to determine if you have an allergy to shellfish.

5. Alcohol – Like dairy, some people are not able to tolerate even small amounts of alcohol. If your skin reddens after consuming an alcoholic beverage, you might be allergic to it.

6. Meat – More specifically, farm animals that are raised on a lot of corn and soy can induce an allergy in some. Like shellfish allergy, it is best to stay away from meats if your throat swells after enjoying a serving of meat.

7. Artificial sugars – Unless you are diabetic, there is no need for artificial sweeteners in your diet. Fake sugar is a chemical compound that is very unpredictable.

8. Wheat and grains – Some people can tolerate all types of grains while others need to stay away from specific kinds. Try out different natural allergy remedies if you are set on eating whole grains.

9. Cooking oil – Vegetable oil, corn oil and others all have different amounts of trans fat. You might actually be reacting to histamine foods that have been previously cooked in the same oils.

10. Citrus fruits – Surprisingly, there is such a thing as a citrus allergy. Those that have problems keeping down orange juice and other citrus based products would be better off avoiding them.