Homemade Tanning Oil – How to Make It?

Homemade Tanning OilHomemade tanning oil is not difficult to make, and you will usually have the ingredients that you need on hand or can purchase them for much less than what you will pay for many of the products on the market. It is important to remember that a homemade oil is not tanning oil with SPF, and if you do not use care your neighbor especially if you are fair skinned. The first thing you will need to create a natural tanning oil that is made at home is oil. Olive oil is a popular choice because of its skin moisturizing properties, but there also other oils that can be used to may be more effective.

Using a combination of walnut and hazelnut oils as a base for the homemade tanning oil, 4 teaspoons each, because both of these oils are very moisturizing and nourishing to your skin. Next add 2 tablespoons each of wheat germ oil and sesame oil, and five drops of lavender oil and ylang ylang oil each. These additions offer some tanning with sunscreen protection, because they help prevent inflammation and protect your skin from from the damage that the sun can cause. You can also add other additions to this homemade tanning oil for even more benefits to your skin and tan.

Carrot juice can be added to your homemade tanning oil base, because this juice will attract the sun rays and help your skin reach a darker tan faster. This addition should not be used for indoor tanning lotions for fair skin though, because the juice attracts more of the sun’s rays, so fair skin can burn easier when carrot juice is added to the oil. Avocado extract is another addition that can be beneficial in homemade tanning oil, because this ingredient is very rich in skin moisturizers so it prevents skin damage and drying out that can lead to peeling, and cause you to lose any tan you may have achieved. Make sure to shake the tanning oil vigorously every time before using it, so that all of the ingredients are mixed together completely.