Hoodia Diet Plan – What Other Foods To Include?

Hoodia DietHoodia is a succulent, African plant that has also been referred to as the hoodia gordonii cactus. However, for many a dietary supplement marketer, the most widely known name is simply hoodia gordonii. So what is the reason that hoodia gordonii diet pills are all the rage? Well, the answer is based in simple folklore. Stories suggest that African hunters used this desert dwelling plant in order to stave off hunger on long hunting journeys, and that has prompted a huge wave of products including hoodia weight loss gum, supplements, pills, diets and the increasingly popular hoodia gordonii extract to be top sellers in the dieting community.

While the medical community is rather torn and skeptical of the benefits of a hoodia diet, there are some parts of this controversial weight loss plan that you can count on for solid results, and that is the foods that should be included in your hoodia diet. Unlike many popular, restrictive diets of today, real whole foods are the basis for the hoodia diet.

So what types of foods are ideal when on this plant based diet? Well, plenty of fruits and vegetables are a great start. Consider filling fare such as apples from the produce department and also foods that are high in dietary fiber, such as celery. One of the main purported benefits of a hoodia diet is that it tricks your body into thinking that it’s full when it’s really not, and you can help induce a feeling of fullness by eating foods that are low in calorie and high on filling. Additionally, whole grains are a tremendous benefit to any diet plan, and they are just as relevant on this diet. Incorporate them to add to your full feeling, maintain healthy digestion and ensure a good nutrient balance.

There are some concerns regarding hoodia gordonii safety and therefore you should consult your healthcare provider before taking any supplement containing this African extract. You should also make wise choices with regards where you acquire your supplements from. Some may be tainted or not even contain the ingredients that they claim and not in the reported amounts. Any diet plan should include a healthy diet and frequent exercise in order to be successful, and whether you believe all the hype about Hoodia or not, you can best believe that effort will be required on your part to be a weight loss success story!