Hoodia Gordonii Extract Benefits

Hoodia Gordonii ExtractHoodia gordonii extract is made from the spiny succulent hoodia gordonii plant that grows wild in South Africa. African bushmen have used the hoodia gordonii plant for thousands of years to stifle their appetites while on long walking treks, giving the hoodia gordonii cactus its reputation as a viable weight loss aid. In recent years, the use of hoodia gordonii in the Western world put the herbal supplement at the forefront of alternative medicine, making it a highly sought after herb. If you caught the buzz about hoodia gordonii and are curious as to what it may do for you, read this list of hoodia gordonii extract benefits:

РHoodia gordonii’s active ingredient, p57, is a very strong and effective natural appetite suppressant, making hoodia gordonii one of the best weight loss herbs available on the market today.

– Because hoodia gordonii only thrives in very specific climates and can only be harvested at very specific times, hoodia gordonii extract is an expensive supplement, but well worth the cost because it does work!

– Hoodia gordonii is on the endangered plant species list (CITES), meaning its cultivation is sanctioned and regulated by the government. This equates to quality for you.

– A study of lab mice who were injected with p57 showed that this form of pure hoodia gordonii actually lowered the necessary caloric intake of mice, which converts to one-thousand calories in human beings.

Be careful of what you are buying. There are many companies that claim to sell hoodia gordonii diet pills when, in fact, there is very little actual hoodia gordonii in the supplement. Only buy the highest quality, grown in the Kalahari Desert, to be sure you are getting the real thing. Buy only brands that list p57 as an ingredient and you will be well on your way to finding out what hoodia gordonii extract can do for you!