Horsetail Extract for Hair Growth Review

Horsetail Extract for Hair GrowthWhether you are a guy with a receding hairline or a woman suffering from thinning hair due to hormonal imbalance or heredity, horsetail extract for hair growth might help your delicate hair situation.

Horsetail herb is one of the ancient forms of plants that could be traced millions of years back to the prehistoric times. An important compound found on the inside of the hollow interior of horsetail plant called silica is easily absorbed by our bodies and can strengthen brittle nails, teeth enamel and even facilitate new hair growth.

Not only horsetail extract for hair growth strengthens hair follicles to grow stronger and healthier hair, it also helps body absorb more calcium to help with bone or cartilage degeneration symptoms.

Horsetail extract for hair growth is added almost in every topical hair loss treatment, however the best hair strengthening results are accomplished when you combine both topical application and internal intake. You can brew horsetail tea by steeping 3 teaspoons of horsetail herb in a cup of boiling water for 15-20 minutes, enjoy 2-3 times daily with perhaps a teaspoon of honey for improved taste. Make a double batch and voila, you have made horsetail extract for hair growth conditioner to use every time you wash your hair.

Try rinsing your hair with this special horsetail tea and massaging it into the scalp to provide increased blood circulation that is essential for improved hair growth.

Horsetail extract benefits go beyond strengthening hair, since this prehistoric plant can help with a myriad of conditions and symptoms like osteoporosis, high levels of cholesterol, urinary tract infections and many more.