Horsetail Extract Side Effects

Horsetail Extract Side EffectsAnyone interested in using horsetail as an herbal supplement will no doubt want to look into horsetail extract side effects. Horsetail, also known as shavegrass or scouring rush, has a history dating back to well over three hundred million years ago. It has had many uses over the years, from scouring metal to washing and caring for hair and skin. The use of the horsetail herb as a medicinal supplement originated with the Romans, who used it for kidney and bladder infections, arthritis, tuberculosis and bleeding ulcers. Since that time, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for dysentery, malaria and sore throat, and as an American folk remedy for gout and gonorrhea. In spite of any perceived horsetail extract side effects, modern herbalists still employ and prescribe the use of horsetail for kidney stones, anemia, urinary tract infections and inflamed prostates. They claim that horsetail extract benefits can far outweigh the side effects if you are a person who can be helped by a horsetail supplement. Still, you may want to know, exactly, what those side effects are. Here is a brief rundown of horsetail extract side effects:

– The diuretic qualities of horsetail may cause a potassium deficiency, which is bad for the heart.

– Horsetail contains nicotine, so drinking a lot of horsetail tea is not a good idea if you are on a nicotine replacement therapy, as it may cause side effects related to nicotine overload.

– Horsetail may interfere with ACE inhibitor drugs, causing excessive potassium absorption.

Be sure you do your research and understand what you are getting into before you implement any herbal supplement plan. It may be easy to get confused amidst all the details. For example, horsetail’s cousin, the rough horsetail (or equisetum hyemale), is sometimes used for bedwetting problems, but the two plants are not the same. Your best bet is to consult with a physician before adding horsetail to your diet, and to be sure you are comfortable with the possibility of horsetail extract side effects.