Horsetail Tea Benefits For Health

Horsetail TeaHorsetail tea has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many ails, and some variants of this grassy plant such as equisetum hyemale have even been used in everything from cleaning pots and pans to sandpaper. This multipurpose water-loving plant’s uses however, are primarily holistic in nature.

The horsetail herb is most commonly used as a diuretic, or a fluid reducer. As such, it’s frequently regarded for its use in relief of kidney stones and bladder stones. Along the same vein, urinary tract infections are also thought to be able to be remedied with the use of horsetail tea. Oddly enough, while many of its effects seem to promote the flow of urine, it’s also thought of as an effective aid for incontinence, or the frequent urge to go to the bathroom.

The benefits of horsetail supplement or tea don’t only lie below the waist however. This ancient remedy was also used for tuberculosis. Jaundice and hepatitis were also thought to benefit from the ingestion of horsetail tea. Bone conditions such as osteoarthritis and joint diseases are also thought to be relieved by this grassy natural wonder. Bleeding conditions and heavy menstruation are also thought to benefit from horsetail tea. Externally, horsetail extract for hair growth and skin maladies has also been reported.

There are some side effects that may come with using horsetail in various forms. Long term use breaks down the vitamin thiamine which can lead to deficiency. Additionally, people who are diabetic or pregnant should not use horsetail as the safety of this herb cannot be guaranteed in those individuals, in fact, horsetail may lower blood sugar levels in some people, meaning that diabetics should not use horsetail. Because the side effects of this herb have not been evaluated in pregnant and nursing women, this product should not be used in expectant or nursing mothers. If you are considering horsetail tea as a supplement, or as a natural remedy, you should speak to your health care professional first to ensure that it is safe for you to take and that it will not interact with medications that you are taking or health conditions that you might have.