How Does Human Innate Immune System Fight Against Infections?

Innate Immune SystemOur innate immune system plays an important role in our health, and is one of the two main components of the immune system. Innate immunity is a natural immunity that is biological, one that you are born with instead of acquiring through exposure to pathogens. This is the immune response that occurs immediately to prevent any infection, regardless of whether your body recognizes the invader or not. Physical barriers are one form of this immunity, and can include your skin and organs. Your skin prevents pathogens from entering your body, and your lungs are lined with mucous to trap viruses and bacteria before infection can happen.

Your innate immune system also includes tears, stomach acid, saliva, and mucous. Another component of this immune system is the blood responses that occur. Once the physical barriers have been breached then your blood response takes over. White blood cells rush to the affected area, and attack foreign pathogens and cells that are new and unidentified.

Chemical compounds are also released by your innate immune system, including Lysozymes, Polypeptides, Complement Proteins, and Natural killer Lymphocytes. All of these compounds are part of your innate immune system, and fight off invaders that are not well known or recognized. These compounds have many different roles. Lysozymes attack bacteria and help your body digest these pathogens. Polypeptides can deactivate certain bacteria types, rendering them harmless. Complement proteins recognize certain substances that only bacteria contain. Natural Killer Lymphocytes attack your own cells that have been infected by pathogens, so these are destroyed before they can mulriply.

A weakened immune system is at a higher risk for infections and diseases. You can take steps toward building a strong immune system that can help your body become more effective at fighting these conditions, and keeping you healthier. Immune system supplements can help boost your innate immune system, so you do not get as many infections each year.