How to Get Rid of Excessive Ear Wax?

Excessive Ear WaxEar wax is a necessary component of healthy ears and is intended to protect delicate lining of the ear canal from bacteria and carry dust and debris outward. You might be surprised to know that it’s absolutely unnecessary to remove excessive ear wax from your ears as ears are self-cleansing structures that do this job perfectly without your help.

However, removing ear wax might be necessary if you started feeling ear discomfort, pressure and even some degree of hearing impairment that indicates that you have a clogged ear. You might be wondering why ears get clogged, and the answers might surprise you. Excessively vigorous ear cleansing with cotton swabs, hair pins or other objects might only accomplish one goal – push ear wax deposits farther into the ear canal and compact it there into a tight cerumen mass. Additionally, if you are an IPod fan and religiously insert headphones into your precious ears, that too might cause excessive ear wax build up. And last, if you are deficient in Omega3 fatty acids, this might also contribute to excessive ear wax plugs. Try enriching your diet with some ground flax seeds or taking a high quality cod liver or krill oil supplement.

A good ear wax removal home remedy will utilize any of these ingredients to help break up compacted ear cerumen, coconut, olive oil, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, following by a gentle stream flush with slightly warm boiled water or even a sterile saline solution.

In case you get excessive ear wax build up along with ear congestion, it might be time to get evaluated by an ENT specialist that might provide you with answers why ears get clogged.