How To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags Fast and Safely?

How To Get Rid of Under Eye BagsLearning how to get rid of under eye bags can be just as important as finding the cause for the bags; it may not be a lack of sleep as many might suspect. Many doctors believe some bags under eyes causes are related to serious medical conditions.

For this reason, eye bag removal treatments should never be recommended before you seek the advice of a medical professional. Once you are aware of the reason you are suffering from under eye puffiness, you can start a course of action.

If your condition is not severe, your doctor may recommend home remedies for bags under eyes. Most are easy to prepare and simply to apply. Knowing how to get rid of under eye bags using natural ingredients can also save you quite a bit of money since many other methods can be a little expensive.

Start with applying cold compresses over your eyes for 15-20 minutes each day. This will help eliminate swelling. You can use anything from water filled in small plastic storage bags to store-bought masks, filled with blue gel.

You can also try soaking a small hand-cloth in a mixture of rose water and witch hazel. Other remedies include chilling a couple of spoons in the freezer and applying directly to closed eyelids or using Aloe Vera gel that is squeezed fresh from the plant.

If the home remedies fail to produce the desired results, non surgical procedures and traditional under eye bags surgery are two additional options to consider. You can use eye gels and creams that lift and tighten the eyes. You can also apply cosmetic adhesive to the top and sides to give the appearance of less sagging and puffiness.

Surgery requires a plastic surgeon who really knows how to get rid of under eye bags and can make you look younger in the process. They use a procedure known as blepharoplasty. It takes approximately two to three hours to complete. Just remember that surgery requires down time, you may miss up to 10 days of work or school.

Knowing how to get rid of under eye bags only takes a quick visit to your family doctor. Once you understand your own situation, you can make the necessary changes to start seeing results almost immediately.

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