How To Lower Your Triglycerides?

How to Lower Your TriglyceridesAre you experiencing elevated triglycerides levels and wondering how to lower your triglycerides? This article will shed some light on the most important steps to take to reduce triglycerides and keep your numbers in check for life.

The most important factor to consider if your triglycerides too high is your blood sugar levels, which could be easily checked at your doctor’s office. A lot of health practitioners often tend to overlook this important factor and focus mainly on how to lower your triglycerides. High levels of insulin is the driving force for your triglycerides, or bad cholesterol, to skyrocket making any therapy or even drug useless for elevated triglycerides.

Low triglyceride diet mainly focuses on reducing your simple carbohydrate and sugar intake to a minimum, including fruit and fruit juices. Make vegetables and lean cuts of meat and fish your foundation for a healthier lifestyle. Supplement your low triglyceride diet with extra virgin olive oil, flax seeds, cod liver oil rich in Omega3 fatty acids necessary for a healthy heart.

Another important step in how to lower your triglycerides levels is natural supplements in the form of niacin (vitamin B3), red yeast rice extract and garlic.

Exercise and overall active lifestyle play a significant role in how to lower your triglycerides. Most triglycerides are stored in your under skin fat deposits, so lowering your weigh and reducing your everyday caloric intake can help you lower you reduce triglycerides.

If all the mentioned above steps are not working for you and you are still wondering how to lower your triglycerides, ask your doctor to check your thyroid function as underactive thyroid can inhibit body’s proper metabolism and contribute to elevated triglycerides.

Genetics also plays an important role in your triglycerides count. Everyone is born with a certain range of cholesterol count they can reach, maintaining a low triglyceride diet and exercising will help your bring your triglyceride numbers to your lowest range.