How To Reduce Triglycerides Fast Naturally?

How To Reduce TriglyceridesIf you have been told by your doctor that you have high triglycerides, you are probably wondering how to reduce triglycerides, and how your condition will be managed. Your doctor will have a long list of lifestyle changes for you, and the first thing he or she will start with is the best natural remedies of all, diet and exercise. Go ahead and moan and groan, but in some cases, poor diet and lack of exercise might have contributed to how you got here in the first place. You can’t hide from it forever, so go eat a banana and take a swim.

In an effort to reduce triglycerides, even if medicated, your doctor is going to talk to you about your diet. The triglycerides diet might sound like it takes the fudge out of fudgy brownies, but eating right can have a major impact on how to reduce triglycerides. In some cases, people have managed to treat and reduce their LDL levels with diet and exercise alone, eliminating the need to take daily medication. The main components of eating right to control triglycerides includes drastically reducing sugar intake, limiting intake of refined grains (whole oats instead of bleached white bread), and eliminating or significantly reducing alcohol intake. Wondering why alcohol is in here with other methods for how to reduce triglycerides? Believe it or not, alcohol is a very large contributor to bad cholesterol.

Another key element involved in how to lower your triglycerides is to get plenty of exercise. Walk your dog. Walk your neighbor’s dog. Walk your neighbor, who cares! Just get up, get out and do something. Exercise, and ultimately weight loss (if you’re a little squishy around the middle) will help with your high triglycerides symptoms.

If you think that you need something a little extra to go with your new exercise routing and love whole grain goodness, you might consider a natural supplement to go along with your routine. Barley, artichoke extract, flaxseed, green tea and garlic have all been touted as triglyceride lowering super pals. Remember however that even supplements can have side effects and that it is still important to discuss any you are considering with your doctor.

When trying to figure out how to reduce triglycerides, remember that the best place to start is with you. Combining positive lifestyle changes with monitoring by your doctor can not only make you feel better, but lower your risk of dangerous conditions that are associated with high levels of LDL.