How To Unclog Ears From Wax, After Flight and When Sick?

How To Unclog EarsAlmost everyone asks how to unclog ears at some point in their life. Whether on an airplane or after a swim meet, most people have felt the internal ear plug temporarily flip on causing pain and diminished hearing.

For most people, equalization issues cause the clogged sensation in the ears and why ears get clogged can vary from everything from swimming to an ear wax build up. Other causes include colds and allergies which can create pressure imbalances in the Eustachian tube as well, causing discomfort.
If you have allergies or a cold, the fix for your ear issues is simple. Treat your underlying condition (the cold or allergy). You might find a temporary clogged ear remedy useful such as the controversial “ear popping,” a method that doctors have questioned the safety and usefulness of, or chewing gum. These remedies can reduce the pressure no matter what the cause of your symptoms.

For some people, and especially in people with narrowed Eustachian tubes, air travel can be a nightmare. While stewardesses are friendly, they aren’t going to be able to tell you how to unclog ears mid flight. You will need to be prepared on board by chewing gum, intentionally yawning, and sipping water. When you land, a salt water gargle might be helpful.

One thing is certain; Q-Tips are never the answer to how to unclog ears. For many people, getting out of the shower is not complete without ramming a cotton swab into the ear canal looking for signs of excessive ear wax. Stop putting things in your ear. Your ear drum, the things that let you listen to bands and hear oncoming traffic, is in there. There is no reason to poke it with a stick. If you want to learn how to unclog ears the right way, talk to your doctor. He or she can provide suggestions and maybe even a clogged ear remedy that you haven’t heard of before. He or she will also be able to identify if you might have a clogged Eustachian tube, and recommend treatment. If you prefer to treat your extra waxy ears at home, all you need is a bottle of peroxide and a little patience.

Combining equal parts water and peroxide and applying into the ear via sterile dropper or gentle pour when left to do its magic for 30 minutes can provide relief from the clogging sensation caused by excessive ear wax build up. This must be repeated once per day until symptoms are gone. Make sure to speak to your health care provider any time you attempt to treat a condition at home, and additionally, look for signs of fluid in the ear, a more serious problem than ear wax that requires medical attention.