HPV Virus in Men – 7 Important Things You Need to Know!

HPV Virus in MenWith an abundance of warnings about the HPV virus, or the human papillomavirus, especially over the past several years, women have been predominantly targeted about the health dangers when contracting such an incurable virus. As a preventative measure against cervical cancer, television and magazine ads promote the HPV vaccine for young girls as early as 13 years of age.

Men are also affected from the HPV virus. Although there has been little mention about the effects of the HPV virus in men, there is a specific threat when it comes to this incurable virus which causes numerous conditions including genital warts. Signs of genital warts may include growths on the groin, penis, testicles, or anus.

The following facts are seven important things you need to know about the HPV virus in men:

1. Signs of genital warts may include growths on the groin, penis, testicles, or anus. These warts are painless and come in various shapes including flat, raised, or cauliflower like.

2. Warts may present an appearance anywhere from a week to months after sexual contact with an infected partner.

3. The HPV transmission resulting in the form of unsightly warts can be treated with medication, being frozen, or surgically removed.

4. Eye warts are a dermatological result of the HPV virus in men which are oddly shaped as fingerlike or horny.

5. The HPV virus in men is known to cause over one hundred types of warts including perianal warts, eye warts, or various genital warts as well.

6. Presently, there is not an available HPV testing for men. Although the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 50 percent of men in America will contract the HPV virus at some time.

7. As of 2009, there was a vaccine developed for the HPV virus in men which prevents the outbreak of warts.