Hydroxycut Side Effects

Hydroxycut Side EffectsThe main Hydroxycut ingredients were once ephedra and caffeine that made huge promises to suppress hunger while boosting your energy levels necessary to shed many unwanted pounds. As we already know, ephedra was found dangerous due to high likelihood to cause severe side effects like seizures, heart attacks, liver damage and death and banned altogether in the USA in 2004. All Hydroxycut products containing ephedra were also recalled.

Ephedra- free Hydroxycut reentered the market shortly after the initial Hydroxycut recall. Does it mean that dangerous Hydroxycut side effects ceased to exit? Absolutely not, reformulated Hydroxycut side effects are well documented and include a laundry list of dangerous health consequences like:

– Liver damage
– Elevated blood pressure
– Heart palpitations
– Increased risk for strokes
– Acne
– Insomnia and anxiety
– Gastrointestinal upset

and the list goes on…

Hydroxycut side effects are more dangerous compared to other diet pills due to higher caffeine content that in itself is quite alarming and causes separate unwanted health consequences like hyperactivity, caffeine jitters, increased heart rate and addiction.

If you are struggling to lose weight and are concerned about dangerous Hydroxycut side effects, discuss your concerns with your doctor who will be able to recommend how to accomplish desired fat loss the healthy and more natural way. Certain health conditions might make it more difficult for you to lose weight; your doctor will recommend which tests you need to undergo to figure out the actual underlying causes of your obesity.

Clearly, the best diet pills for weight loss do not exist since they do not address the actual culprit behind extra weight, namely, sedentary lifestyle, bad diet and chronic health conditions.

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