Hyperglycemia Diet – Top 5 Foods to Eat and Top 5 To Avoid!

Hyperglycemia DietA very dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Her doctor recommended many dietary changes to cope with her condition. While some of these changes were hard, many of the changes involved with her hyperglycemia diet were relatively easy to implement. If you have diabetes or prediabetes, instead of experimenting with home remedies for high blood sugar or kooky holistic healing methods like cinnamon extract benefits, consider the wealth of benefit that can be obtained by sticking to a hyperglycemia diet that will be hugely beneficial to your condition and your health. Remembering this list of the top 5 foods to eat and the top 5 to avoid will help you better manage your condition and reduce blood sugar. Remember that your first responsibility as a patient is to heed your doctor’s advice, so don’t take instruction from anyone regarding your diabetes if it conflicts with doctor’s orders! Diabetes is a serious condition affecting blood sugar and immune system processes along with other body functions. But, a discussion with your health care provider about incorporating the top 5’s list below as part of a healthy hyperglycemia diet can help improve your health and help manage your condition along with your existing physician’s plan.

Foods to Eat!

1. Tomatoes: Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Iron and a low glycemic index make this a top pick!

2. Beans: What a versatile food, cook ‘em up any way you like for a healthy snack or side dish!

3. Nuts: Packed with fiber and magnesium, these will keep you full and satisfied!

4. Fish: A part of many healthy diet plans, just don’t fry it in oil or cover it in breading!

5. Dark Green Leafy Veggies: Guilt free and good for you!

Foods to Avoid!

1. “White” Foods: White rice, French fries, flour tortillas, NO! Find whole grain options instead!

2. Canned Vegetables: Too much sodium and begging to be topped with cheese or butter, stay away from these contained veggies. Opt for fresh instead!

3. Jam & Jelly: Sugar free options are easy to find, no excuses!

4. Soda & Sweetened Drinks: These are a big no-no! Even 100% fruit juice is not allowed due to high fructose content.

5. Fatty Snacks: Just say no to pork rinds and potato chips, opt instead for puffed rice or corn snacks.