Hypothyroidism Diet – Top 10 Foods To Avoid!

Hypothyroidism DietWhen your doctor has diagnosed you with underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, you will need to start making changes, including incorporating a hypothyroidism diet into your life. Having the correct diet for hypothyroidism is the best way to ensure that your body will begin to repair and restore itself. If you include underactive thyroid natural remedies along with the hypothyroidism diet, you can actually speed the process safely, yet effectively.

A hypothyroidism diet does not mean you will be restricted from eating flavorful dishes, but you will need to have a good understanding of how certain foods affect your overall health. An underactive thyroid diet should not include the following foods:

1. Broccoli – While broccoli is packed with vitamin(s) D, A and K, it contains properties that actually work against the thyroid and slow hormone production if eaten raw.

2. Brussel sprouts – Children may not be sad to see this vegetable make the Do Not Eat list, but Brussel sprouts have become very popular over the past few years. Unfortunately, they also block thyroid production and should never be included.

3. Mustard Greens – Many people confuse mustard greens with collard greens. You will need to avoid this combination. Mustard greens can block iodine from entering the bloodstream and aggravate the thyroid condition further.

4. Cabbage – Cabbage can cause goiters to develop or inflammation of an existing goiter.

5. Spinach – Eaten cooked or raw, spinach lowers thyroid hormone production.

6. Sweet potatoes – Perhaps one of the most beloved, the sweet potato can throw the thyroid off balance which causes medications to work harder to stabilize.

7. Cauliflower – Suppresses the thyroid.

8. Soy beans – Soy beans in their raw form can disrupt the way the thyroid produces hormones. Fertility can be modified, especially in women.

9. Peaches – Peaches contain anti-thyroid substances that cause the thyroid to lower hormone production.

10. Peanuts – Compounds found in peanuts contribute to goiters and should not be eaten because they diminish the thyroid hormone output.

As you can see, the top 10 list of foods to avoid if you have hypothyroidism is a mixture of fruits, vegetables and legumes. The good news is if you learn ways to substitute the forbidden foods with the vast amount of beneficial foods, you will see how quickly your health improves.

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