I Am Diagnosed with Glenoid Labrum Tear – What Are My Options?

Glenoid Labrum TearIf you have been diagnosed with a glenoid labrum tear, then understanding all of your treatment options should be a priority. With a shoulder rotator cuff injury or other shoulder problems the first step you will probably take is using heat, ice, and over the counter medications for swelling, inflammation, and pain. Once your doctor has evaluated your condition you may be advised to take a prescription strength medicine for pain and inflammation. Rest is also needed for your glenoid labrum tear, so the tissues can start to recover and further damage is not done. In severe cases any movement at all may become impossible and your shoulder may become frozen.

Torn ACL symptoms in you knee are similar to those symptoms experienced in your shoulder if you have a glenoid labrum tear. Pain, swelling, and difficulty with movement are common signs, and these can become very severe if you do not seek treatment. Physical therapy and exercises for shoulder rehabilitation may also be prescribed by your doctor to try and ease your symptoms some, and help your shoulder recover. In some cases all of these measures do not work, and surgery may be required to repair your tissues and get your shoulder back to normal.

If you need surgery for a glenoid labrum tear this is normally done using a small flexible surgical tube called an arthroscope. This is a minimally invasive procedure, with a fast recovery time and fewer complications than other surgical methods that can be used. Frozen shoulder surgery may be done without any traditional surgical techniques, just using anesthesia and shoulder manipulation. Sometimes a frozen shoulder can be a complication of repairing a glenoid labrum tear, if scar tissue causes adhesions which can limit movement and increase your discomfort during certain activities. There are options available once you have been diagnosed with this type of tear, and the right option for you is one that has a high rate of success and that you are the most comfortable with.