I Have a Clogged Ear – What Should I Do?

Clogged EarThe first step in treating a clogged ear is to know the exact reason of a blocked ear, as the treatment options will vary depending on that.

Ninety percent of all earaches have to do with clogged ear either by earwax buildup or liquids due to swimming. If you experience some pain and discomfort right after your swimming session, make sure to remove as much water from your ear canal as possible by shaking your head and forcing the water out, putting 1-2 drops of alcohol will help dry the moisture.

Trapped water inside your ears could become perfect breeding ground for bacteria and you might require ear infection treatment. In case of clogged ear due to hard ear wax buildup, there’s an excellent home ear wax removal treatment. Start by warming up some hydrogen peroxide or mineral water to about body temperature and instill 2-3 drops to the affected ear canal, you might feel it tingle and do its work of softening the ear wax. Follow by squirting some warm water with a syringe and shake out the excess liquid. Dry with a cotton swab and a drop of alcohol.

Sometimes an airplane ride can leave you with a feeling of blocked ears, pinch your nose shut with index and thumb finger and blow into your nose, this will unplug your ears due to cabin air pressure changes. In addition, repetitive yawning, chewing gum or sucking on a piece of candy will keep ear pressure in control.

If your clogged ear is due to an insect in the ear canal and you can not immediately reach a doctor, boil some olive oil and cool it to body temperature. Drop a couple of drops into the ear to suffocate the insect, give it some time to work and you can follow by flushing with some water in a syringe. If you suspect a foreign object in your or your child’s ear, be warned to never insert any sharp objects inside the ear canal as you can push the object farther and pierce the ear drum.

If the information in this article did not cover your case, please check out our article on home remedies for ear infections.