I Have a Mosquito Bite Swelling – What Should I Do?

Mosquito Bite SwellingA mosquito bite swelling can be very irritating and uncomfortable, although these insect bites are not really harmful unless the mosquito is carrying a disease that can be transmitted to humans. Identifying insect bites is difficult at times, but mosquitoes leave a very distinct bite that is soft, has a red area, and itches nonstop. Once you have been bitten knowing how to treat the bite is important.

A similar reaction will be seen with gnat bites that can also be a problem where insect bites are concerned. Gnats will leave a swelling looking very similar to mosquito bite swelling and should be treated the same way. The same reactions and complications are possible, so these bites are treated in the exact same way as those from mosquitoes.

Mosquito bite treatment begins with a simple cleaning. Wash the area with some and water, but do not scrub roughly. Once you have cleaned the area take an antihistamine, such as Benadryl or a generic brand. This will minimize the mosquito bite swelling and block the itch sensation so you do not scratch and cause further problems to occur.

For some people mosquito bite reactions may be worse than others. Some individuals are more sensitive, and this can cause more severe mosquito bite swelling, itching, redness, and pain. Severe allergic reactions are rare but can occur, and if you experience problems breathing, start to feel ill, or have any unusual symptoms you should seek medical attention. These can be signs of a rare reaction.

One big risk with an insect bite rash is infection. When you get bit and have a mosquito bite swelling the itching can become intense, so that you can think of little else. Scratching can break the skin, and allow bacteria to enter. This often results in a secondary infection from the bite, and this infection can become severe or even life threatening if not treated.