I Have Pre Menopause Symptoms – What To Do?

Pre Menopause SymptomsIf you believe that you are having pre menopause symptoms, the first thing that you have to do is schedule a doctor’s appointment. There is a blood test that you can take to determine your estrogen levels, and give your doctor an idea of how far along you are in the process. Although the symptoms may not be extreme now, you may start to have hot flashes, mood swings and other negative side effects soon in the future.

There are several health supplements that treat pre as well as post menopause symptoms. You can take them without a prescription, but they will not provide as much relief for low cortisol symptoms as an FDA approved drug would. Although pre menopause symptoms can be disruptive to your life, simple home remedies work very effectively. For instance, you can keep the temperature of your home cooler if you are having hot flashes, and drink plenty of ice water.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is one of the most popular treatments for pre menopause, but it is not for everyone. This treatment provides advantages such as the prevention of premenopausal osteoporosis and increased estrogen. You can elect to take estrogen supplements topically, either in a cream or an oil form, if you do not want to take any prescriptions.

Estrogen and phyto-estrogen pills can be taken to battle pre menopause, but this treatment cannot be offered to all patients. Women who have fibroid tumors or other reproductive issues are not good candidates for hormone based pre menopause treatment methods. You may also be asked your family history, detailing when the women in your family first started menopause so that your physician is able to build a more definitive time table.

Unless your doctor tells you that you are having other medical issues as a result of pre menopause, you will just have to bide your time. If you eat well and used an applicable treatment method, your pre menopause symptoms should be less severe. On average, menopause only last a couple of years, so you will not have to think about how manage your pre menopause symptoms for much longer.