Infected Ingrown Toenail Home Remedies – What To Use?

Ingrown Toenail Home RemediesThe first thing that you need to know about ingrown toenail home remedies is that they will not work well for everyone. With that said, you have a fairly good chance at curing both an ingrown fingernail as well as a toenail by following this easy to implement tricks. If an anti-bacterial cream such as Neosporin doesn’t work, don’t fret. There are many more natural ingrown toenail home remedies that you can rely on.

When an ingrown toenail gets bad enough, sometimes toenail removal is the only option. Before you get to that point, you can try utilizing some of the products that are lying around your house. Use a cotton ball or a large cotton swab that has been saturated in hydrogen peroxide, then place it on your infected ingrown toenail. You may notice a lot of fizzing, and perhaps even a slight sting, but this is to be expected.

If hydrogen peroxide doesn’t work, you can next go on to an Epsom salt soak. Fill a small tub with warm water and add at least one cup of Epsom salt. Soak your feet until the water becomes cool, which should be around 45 minutes. The skin around the toe will start to shrivel and pull back, which should help the nail to start growing in the right direction.

If you have noticed puss, a foul smell or have intense pain, you may need to talk to your physician about ingrown toenail surgery. In the meantime, white vinegar may help. Be careful when using ingrown toenail home remedies that include vinegar as you could end up irritating the skin, or tissue around the toe. If you handle the area with care and you don’t try out too many ingrown toenail home remedies within a short period of time, you should be completely fine.

Although you are allowed to use over the counter pain relievers, you should not ignore extreme pain. This is a sign that there is an infection, and if it spreads, things could become far worse. Remember that your doctor can also treat this condition, right in the office, so schedule an appointment if necessary.