Insect Bite Rash Symptoms and Treatment

Insect Bite RashAn insect bite rash can range from mildly irritating to a serious problem that can require immediate medical attention, depending on the insect involved as well as your sensitivity to the bite. Identifying insect bites can help determine what treatment will have the best results, but it is not always possible if you did not see the insect that bit you. Fire ant bites normally result in white filled blisters which are small, while gnat bites and those from mosquitoes may have a small amount of blood, with a visible hole and skin irritation. There are many different causes, including a number of insects, when it comes to itchy bumps on skin, and most can be treated using the same methods.

If you have an insect bite rash the very first thing that you should do is to clean the area thoroughly, using alcohol or an antibacterial soap to kill off any microbes present on the skin. This will keep the bite from becoming infected, and can help cool and soothe the area as well. It is important to stay calm to slow down the speed at which any injected compounds travel through your body. Whether you have a single bite on your leg or an itchy rash on chest areas which is large and irritating, there are steps you can take to effectively treat an insect bite rash.

Using an antihistamine such as Benadryl for an insect bite rash can be a big help in preventing itching and swelling, and you can use these products in cream form and apply them right to the bite or you can use the oral form. Some oral antihistamines may make you sleepy so it is important that you do not drive or perform any dangerous tasks until you know how these medicines will affect you. Bed bug bites symptoms are often seen as red spots which are small and flat, and they may or may not itch. The face, hands, and neck area are common places where bad bug bites occur. Ice can be beneficial for almost any insect bite rash because this treatment keeps slowing down and helps to relieve itching, burning, and pain.