Invisalign Cost – What Is Included and What Is Not?

Invisalign CostOrthodontics treatment is a common avenue of care whether for clinical or cosmetic reasons. Teeth alignment is important for good oral health and well as the self esteem that accompanies a beautiful smile. For years, traditional braces have been used to correct inadequate teeth alignment. More recently invisalign has been more popularly used for teeth alignment, especially by adults suffering from affects of overbites or other oral problems.

Since the newest wave of clear braces has grabbed the attention of many seeking orthodontics treatment, the invisalign cost as well as invisalign reviews are often questioned. While the average invisalign cost is approximately $5000, this may vary depending on the needs of the individual. High complexity cases will go well beyond the average. However, invisalign prices for a simpler fix may begin at $3500 which is comparable to the base cost of traditional braces. What is included in the varied invisalign cost? It is a challenge to determine as every provider may set their invisalign cost in a different way. Some may include aligners, moulds, records, and necessary refinement as well as retainers in the total quoted price. There are providers who may only offer initial aligners and moulds with refinement over one or two episodes with additional charges for further needs. Having a clear understanding of the provider contract and what is included in the invisalign cost is important before the treatment is agreed upon.

The invisalign before and after results vary from alignment complexity to the time needed for optimal results. Generalized spacing between teeth correction may take as many as 11 months while other misalignments will take at least 15 months. Overcrowded bottom teeth will on average take 7 months to rectify while the upper overcrowding scenario will be as many as 11 months. With invisalign or any other alignment correction method, there will be a before and after result in whatever time is needed for each individual.