Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy

Iron Deficiency AnemiaIron deficient anemia is a common condition in which the red blood cells are at an inadequate level. If the red blood cells are not supplying the proper amount of oxygen, the will have less energy than is optimally needed and the color of your skin will not have a healthy glow as it should. Subsequently, the end result of not having enough iron is exhaustion, weakness, and an insipid tone of color. Women tend to become iron deficient more so than men. This is especially true for pregnant women since a woman expecting a baby has a higher need for iron. Reason being, the blood of a pregnant woman substantially increases by nearly fifty percent compared to a non-pregnant woman. Iron is of the utmost importance for creating additional hemoglobin for the extra blood supply. Iron is also needed for the placenta as well as the growing baby.

Obstetricians will do the necessary blood tests, especially if there are signs of being anemic. Such clues of the condition may include dizziness, weakness, a consistent tired feeling, headache, difficulty concentrating, and shortness of breath. More often than not, women begin a pregnancy with inadequate iron levels, which may often be due to blood loss from menstruation before pregnancy. Morning sickness is also a factor that will add to iron deficiency symptoms. There are time that iron deficient anemia is not present at a beginning of a pregnancy. However, it is developed in later months. After it is determined there is a condition of iron deficient anemia present, then iron rich foods for anemia would most likely be suggested. Prenatal vitamins are also beneficial in controlling iron deficiency, as well.

When iron deficient anemia is present, iron supplements will be suggested in whatever dose is necessary for the level of deficiency. Iron pills taken with vitamin C will promote better absorption. It is also suggested that iron supplements be taken on an empty stomach. One of the side effects for this iron deficient anemia remedy is constipation which drinking prune juice may rectify. Besides regularly taking prenatal vitamins, pregnant women with anemia should also eat red meat, dark poultry meat, lentils, apricots, beans, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, iron rich cereals and more. Keeping the iron at a stable level will save a pregnant woman from the feeling of weakness and exhaustion.