Is Breast Cancer Curable: Truth and Myths?

Is Breast Cancer Curable?Is breast cancer curable? There are many myths out there mixed in with the truth, and this can lead to some confusion especially for those who suffer from mammary carcinoma or another type of breast cancer. The specific answer will depend on what type of cancer it is and how early you detect it, as well as your treatment plan and medical team.

A malignant phyllodes tumor may pose different answers to “is breast cancer curable” question, depending on all the relevant factors. Many of these tumors are curable, but if the cancer has spread to the auxillary nodes then the prognosis for a complete cure goes down drastically. Early detection is critical so that you catch these tumors before they can spread. This gives you the best chance for a full recovery.

For some the question becomes one of lifespan and quality instead of is breast cancer curable or not. Twenty years ago having papillary breast cancer that metastasized meant almost certain death, but not any more. Even living with this disease does not have to mean getting ready to die, and four in ten patients diagnosed with this type will survive five years or more. Even cancers that are eventually fatal can be managed for quite a while, sometimes years, before becoming uncontrollable and causing death.

Is breast cancer curable? The answer is yes in many cases today that would have been a new in the past. Advances in technology and cancer treatments mean that many types of breast cancer can be cured completely. Fibroadenoma breast cancer is a rare type that starts with a normally benign fibroadenoma. Many women have these lumps and usually they are harmless. In rare circumstances cancerous cells may be present in this tissue. Is breast cancer curable with this type of cancer? It depends on the locations and severity of the cancer, but in most cases these breast cancers can be removed and treated completely as well.