Is Walking Pneumonia Contagious?

Is Walking Pneumonia ContagiousThis article will explain the underlying nature of this type of pneumonia and is walking pneumonia contagious and what to do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Walking pneumonia is a case of bacterial infection in the lungs that is somewhat mild in nature and allows a person to continue with his daily tasks. On the other hand, other types of pneumonia, like multilobar pneumonia that tends to affect more than one section of the lungs, will cause much more severe symptoms that might require immediate hospitalization.

Walking pneumonia symptoms include sore throat, cough, nasal discharge, low grade fever, enlarged lymph nodes, yellow mucus and sometimes rash on the chest and face. The incubation period for walking pneumonia is anywhere from one to three weeks from the time of your exposure to this pathogen.

Even with its milder symptoms that can easily be mistaken for a simple cold or flu, the question is walking pneumonia contagious always arises if somewhat in your surroundings gets it. Walking pneumonia is a very contagious condition that can be contracted via small droplets of saliva and mucus liquid that an infected person might cough up or sneeze out. If you have been diagnosed with a case of walking pneumonia and you are thinking is walking pneumonia contagious, make sure to wear a hospital grade mask, wash your hands, towels, bed sheets frequently and stay home from school or work by all means even if you feel like you can conquer the world.

While walking pneumonia is mild in nature, there are some types of lungs infections that cause much serious symptoms like ventilator associated pneumonia that mostly affects people who are unable to breathe on their own and must use assisted methods to help them breathe while in critical condition. Pneumococcal pneumonia is much more severe in nature and is caused by a certain type of bacteria called Streptococcus pneumonia that triggers debilitating symptoms of high fever, bloody phlegm, fluid accumulation in the lungs and can even later result in heart irregularities and arthritis. Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia is a formation of granules in the connection tissues of bronchi and lungs as a response mechanism of the body to the invasion of certain types of bacteria or viruses, injuries and radiation therapy.

Now that you know the answer to the question is walking pneumonia contagious, pay special attention to yourself or members of your family if they develop a cough that lingers for prolonged periods of time and take them to the doctor to check for the symptoms of walking pneumonia to get the right treatment.