Itchy Rash on Chest – What Should I Do About It?

Itchy Rash on ChestItchy rash on chest is a very common ailment and affects almost everyone, children and adults, throughout their lives. Itchy rash on chest could signal literally hundreds of different skin conditions, allergic reactions, diseases and viral infections according to WebMD. It’s very important to note the appearance of chest rash, color, size, exact location, or whether it shows up as face rashes also. In addition, note the exact time, if possible, when the itchy rash on chest emerged and the events leading to it.

Here’s a listing of top five most probable causes of your dry skin rash on chest and what you can do about it:

1. Stress and anxiety can make you break out in itchy rash on chest and face and usually follows an especially stressful situation or event in life. Anxiety makes the skin more sensitive to internal and external factors contributing to itchy rash on chest and exacerbation of pre-existing skin problems. Taking it easy is one of the first courses of treatment you can take followed by simple yet effective relaxation techniques like breathing exercises. Additionally taking an oral antihistamine and application of natural skin soothing remedies like aloe vera gel can help your skin heal. Check out additional measures you can take suggested by

2. Contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction to an irritant that manifests itself in chest rash and itchy dry skin. The most common irritants are cosmetic and grooming products like soaps, lotions, perfume, hair products, sunscreens, nickel jewelry, laundry detergents, clothing dyes and many more. Eliminating the source of allergies and taking over the counter Benadryl, Claritin or Allegra antihistamine medications should help ease the symptoms. To soothe itchy rash on chest, you can try applying corticosteroid topical ointments or creams as MayoClinic recommends.

3. Atopic dermatitis like eczema and psoriasis can give you itchy rash on chest and dry skin rash all over body. Immune system disorders and toxic waste build up are believed to be causing these conditions. Dr Weil believes that conventional medicine provides little relief to the sufferers of chronic eczema triggered by inflammatory processes in the body. His natural approach is to try the Anti-inflammatory diet coupled with stress elimination and applying natural aloe vera gels and calendula creams to soothe scaly chest rash.

4. Photodermatitis could be responsible for chest rash after sun exposure in people with unusually sensitive skin. In this case avoid being in the direct sun light from 11am to 3pm, when the sun is especially active. Applying ice cubes prepared with calendula or chamomile flowers solutions should provide immediate relief to irritated skin.

5. Chicken pox is a viral disease that will cause your body to break out in itchy bumps on face, chest moving down the body with time. Children tend to recover much faster than adults and have fewer symptoms. While there’s no immediate treatment for chicken pox other than prevention, it’s important to control itching associated with this viral condition. WebMD recommends taking cool oatmeal baths, applying mild antihistamine lotions and over the counter Claritin to stop itchy rash on chest and other areas.

There are some natural ways to relieve your symptoms of itchy rash on chest including oat or chamomile bath soak, which soothes itchy dry skin and makes you feel better. You can also put some baking soda in your bath water or make a paste by adding some water to it and apply directly to the affected area on the chest for 15-20 minutes.

If you are unsure what exactly caused your itchy rash on chest and it seems to be getting worse, talk to your doctor to prescribe the best possible treatment for you.