Jaw Surgery Cost Without Insurance – How To Get A Discount?

Jaw Surgery CostInsurance isn’t likely to start covering cosmetic procedures anytime soon, and so unless you’re upper or lower jaw surgery is medically necessary, as in the case of corrective jaw surgery following trauma or to correct a debilitating congenital defect, it’s likely that you’ll be footing the bill. So how do you get discounts on lower or upper jaw surgery when it’s being done for cosmetic reasons? We will explore a few options to help you minimize jaw surgery cost and help your wallet stay bigger, even if your jaw is getting smaller.

Not interested in a wallet content reduction to go along with your jaw reduction surgery? We don’t blame you, but you can’t exactly haggle your way into cheaper cosmetic surgery. One way you can reduce jaw surgery cost however is to talk to your doctor about combining procedures. If you are contemplating rhinoplasty for instance, along with your jaw surgery you can reduce quite a bit of your cost. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about paying the doctor. You will also have to pay an anesthesiologist and pay facility and hospital fees. Combining procedures can help reduce your jaw surgery cost and therefore provide a discount for only having to pay some of these fees once. The added bonus is that you will only have to deal with one recovery period instead of two.

Another way to reduce your jaw surgery cost is to consider how you are going to pay for this surgery. Cash is king and paying in greenbacks can save you more than you might think. The Cosmetic surgery firm for instance, might consider a discount if you do not pay by credit card. Remember that merchants have to pay fees to credit card companies for every swipe, and they may be willing to give you a small discount equal to what they are saving, for handing them cash instead of plastic. You will also likely save on interest if you pay with cash as most credit cards carry interest rates that will increase the total cost of your procedure.

If you aren’t prepared to incur the financial burden associated with cosmetic surgery, it might be wise to reconsider until you are. In some cases, additional procedures are needed if you did not get the results that you were going for, and these will add additional expense to an already hefty bill. By being financially prepared for what short and long term costs are to be expected for your procedure, you can ensure that you will have to worry less about your financial situation and more about selecting a quality physician to perform what can be a life changing surgery.