Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth – How Effective Is It?

Jojoba Oil For Hair GrowthUsing jojoba oil for hair growth usually stems from one of two reasons; either you want to grow your hair longer and stronger, or you want to re-grow you hair after damage has occurred. This is why it is difficult to determine if jojoba is a universal re-growth agent, or if it works better for some than others. When damage occurs to the hair follicle and scalp, it can be permanent and irreversible. Still, others who want to grow their hair longer might not be able to because of genetics.

The fact of the matter is that jojoba oil uses include improved hair health. This means that your hair may not necessary get longer, but it will look better. For instance, men with male pattern balding almost never benefit from jojoba oil for hair growth. However, they can use any number of jojoba oil acne treatments to eliminate pimples and keep breakouts from happening again.

Using jojoba oil for hair growth after having a damaging chemical treatment or for general re-growth purposes usually yields positive results. Your hair may grow at a slightly faster rate, but the real difference will be in the way that your hair looks and feels. People that are lacking in nutrition tend to see the biggest jojoba oil skin benefits.

You can use either organic jojoba oil or the regular kind, just as long as you use it regularly. Jojoba oil for hair growth can be used as a one time treatment, or you can incorporate it into your regularly beauty regime indefinitely. The oil itself is good for sensitive skin and it is almost impossible to use too much. If you do not get good results, you may need to visit a dermatologist.

Overall, jojoba is fairly effective. For non-permanent damage and general hair growth, you will notice your hair getting longer and stronger after a few months. Just like any other treatment, give it time and be consistent. You can use other essential oils such as peppermint or lavender in order to help stimulate the hair follicles a bit more if you want quicker results.