Kidney Stones Pain – How To Deal With It?

Kidney Stones PainKidney stones pain can be severe, and understanding how to deal with this pain can make a big difference. Whether the problem is kidney stones in men or in women These stones can be excruciatingly painful at times, but there are ways to deal with the pain in many cases without having to resort to drugs or narcotic pain medications. Kidney stones are responsible for numerous emergency room visits each year because of the severe pain, but there are some home remedies which may be just as effective at breaking up the style and dulling the pain as narcotic drugs, only without any of the dangerous side effects or addiction potential.

Drinking a lot of water is essential to dealing with kidney stones pain. A common reason that kidney stones form in the first place is that not enough fluids are being consumed each day, and drinking plenty of water will help flush the stones out much faster and stop the pain. Aloe vera juice can also be used to help break up the kidney stones so that you can pass them easier and the pain is eliminated. Drink one liter of aloe vera juice each day for the best results. Many home remedies for kidney stones pain can prevent more invasive measures from becoming necessary, including surgical kidney stone removal.

Kidney stones symptoms in women and men are very similar, and painful in many cases. One technique which help to ease kidney stones pain is to use a hand-held vibrating massage tool on the kidney area. The gentle massage will help to break the stones into smaller pieces which are less painful and easier to pass, and this will also help to relax the muscles in this area as well. In extreme cases where the kidney stones pain has been going on for some time and the pain is severe, a mild muscle relaxer may be needed, but these must be prescribed by a physician. Marshmallow root tea is another herbal remedy that can help ease the pain and inflammation that kidney stones can cause, and you can drink this remedy three to four times a day as needed.