Knee Clicking When Extending and Bending – What To Do?

Knee ClickingWondering why your knees are playing you a capella tune while flexing and bending? Knee clicking is very common and is most often harmless. The knee is a moving joint and sometimes it gets noisy. However, knee clicking can also signal a more serious and often painful condition such as torn cartilage in knee or a tear in the meniscus or a torn ACL. These conditions typically will worsen rapidly, giving you plenty of signals that something is amiss.

Before you go ordering that set of CTI knee braces off Ebay or scheduling your MRI, evaluate your symptoms. If your clicking is not causing any pain or stiffness and did not occur after a recent injury or trauma, your knees are probably functioning normally and the audible messages they are sending you can sometimes be treated with home exercises for knee pain and strength training. While any symptoms out of the ordinary, including knee clicking, should be evaluated by a physician, you can do your part at home to help to remedy the problem. Strengthening the thighs help to give the knee support, so exercises that improve both the quadriceps and hamstrings can be beneficial. And imbalance in strength between the front thigh muscle and the back thigh muscle can also create strain on the knees, so exercise them equally.

Products like Joint Juice and other joint improvement products including natural supplements like Flexcin claim to provide joint treatment and enhanced performance. While there is no conclusive medical research to substantiate these claims, most of these products contains ingredients that are beneficial to the body anyways, and while they provide the body with fulfillment of many of its nutrient cravings, most likely won’t cure knee clicking.

Clicking sounds in the knee, although usually harmless can certainly signal damage and injury to the knee. A visit to your health care provider is important to rule out these possibilities, especially if the onset of your symptoms is sudden and accompanied by pain or other symptoms. Exercise is an easy way to reduce this unpleasant symptom, and will also improve overall knee health. Your physician will run tests if a more serious knee condition is suspected, and if not will be able to assist you in designing an exercise regimen that works ideally for you.