Knee Ligament Pain after Running – What Is Causing It?

Knee Ligament PainKnee ligament pain after running can be caused by a number of different things, some minor and some more serious. Torn ACL symptoms can cause you pain after running, and this can be a serious condition that requires medical attention and may need surgery to repair. Knee strains, on the other hand, may only require ice, elevation, and rest for a few days to resolve. The severity of the pain, and the effectiveness of over the counter medications and home remedies, should determine whether your pain is caused by a minor issue or is a problem that may become worse without treatment.

Knee ligament pain can be something as simple as sore knees from running if you overdo your workout and put too much strain on this area. As soon as you notice discomfort stop your activity and let your knee rest. You may have a tear in one of the crucial tissues surrounding your knee, and in some cases this may require patella surgery to fix.

Knee ligament pain can be caused by several forms of arthritis, gout, tears, sprains and strains. Other medical conditions and diseases can also cause joint pain in some cases, and these include tendinitis. Running and knee pain can also be the result of a loose body that is floating around your knee joint. If this happens then you may only have pain when the floating body interferes with your joint movement.

If you have any knee ligament pain that is sudden and severe the best option is to visit an orthopedic doctor and rule out any serious problems. Severe and excruciating pain can be a sign of a tear or other serious condition that needs immediate treatment. In some cases knee manipulation may be very beneficial, and in these circumstances scar tissue is present and manipulation can help break up this tissue. This treatment will increase your movement ability while addressing your knee ligament pain at the same time.