Knee Pain After Exercise – Dangerous or Not?

Knee Pain After ExerciseFor people who choose to exercise to maintain good health or lose weight, knee pain after exercise can be frustrating. Exercise is important to maintain proper weight and increase overall health and body function, but pain following might have you headed for the couch instead of the 5K.

So is knee pain after exercise dangerous? It depends on what is causing it, and in order to do that, you must evaluate your symptoms. Running and knee pain go hand in hand for people who are competitive athletes, but what about the common person who just wants to take Fido for a healthy jog? Knee pain can be caused from many things and can be as simple as a strained knee or as serious as a ligament injury that could require surgery.

Most often times, knee pain after exercise is a result of overuse, and a change in your exercise type as in switching from a three mile run to a few laps around the pool might be just the right prescription. Overuse of the knee can also cause knee clicking. If you are an avid runner, you may be suffering from it band syndrome, a condition in which the tissue on the outside of the thigh becomes thickened. If you are not a runner and are experiencing knee pain after exercise, it might be from sports involving a jumping and landing with your knees bent like volleyball or basketball. Additional training is required in these types of activities to avoid more serious knee injuries.

There are more serious conditions associated with knee pain that should prompt you to see a health care provider if you are experiencing. These include fever, visible deformity, or severe pain that prevents the knee from bearing weight. If you have any of these symptoms, home treatment is not appropriate and you should speak to a physician. You could have a meniscus tear, or a more serious injury.

Home therapy is very useful for mild knee pain. Your doctor may recommend rest until symptoms improve, braces and wraps that encourage proper knee alignment, and strengthening exercises for knee pain to improve function.

Maintaining a healthy exercise regimen is the key to good health. If you are having pain associated with your exercise routine, speak to your health care provider for tips on how to reduce your symptoms and make your workout regimen as enjoyable as it is beneficial.