Korean Rhinoplasty – Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

 Korean RhinoplastyKorean rhinoplasty is increasingly gaining popularity due to growing demands in modern society to look more beautiful and refined. People of Asian descent are opting for wide nose rhinoplasty in search of a better projected and more defined nose that still looks Asian rather than Caucasian.

Asian noses are historically smaller, shorter with a much less defined tip compared to Caucasian noses that are much larger with thinner skin that heals better after a rhinoplasty procedure. Based on these factors Korean rhinoplasty presents a set of difficulties in the techniques utilized and is usually carried out by the best rhinoplasty surgeons whose specialty is mostly ethnic rhinoplasty.

To create a perfect Asian nose, Korean rhinoplasty usually requires cartilage augmentation to reinforce the bridge and the tip of the nose. Patients’ own cartilage grafts taken from the ear or septum are used to elongate and strengthen the tip. Artificial cartilage implants did not prove to bring satisfactory results for Korean rhinoplasty and are only reserved for certain cases.

Korean rhinoplasty complications can arise due to ethnic characteristics of the nose with considerably thicker skin that heals longer and forms larger scars, and very fragile cartilage that puts a patient at a risk of a nose collapse in case the procedures are performed by an inexperienced in ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon.

Finding the right plastic surgeon will ensure rhinoplasty for you brings the most satisfactory results.