L-Glutamine Side Effects

L-Glutamine Side EffectsL-Glutamine is the most commonly seen and abundant amino acid in a human body that regulates a lot of major bodily functions. L-Glutamine health benefits help maintain healthy immune system, well-functioning digestive system tract, help prevent muscle degeneration in bed-ridden patients and promote well balanced nervous system.

In addition, L-Glutamine amino acid is used to counter damaging side effects of chemotherapy medications that are used in cancer patients. This amino acid also helps heal damaged gastrointestinal tract due to a variety of diseases and conditions that cause significant inflammation of the intestinal lining.

In most cases, keeping to a recommended L-Glutamine dosage of no more than 40mg daily will help ward off major L-Glutamine side effects that might occur in very rare situations. It’s important to mention that L-Glutamine side effects could be especially serious for individuals affected by severe liver disease by making it worse. Pregnant of breastfeeding women are advised to not use this amino acid to avoid L-Glutamine side effects.

L-Glutamine side effects might manifest themselves in severe allergic reactions in people who have known allergies to MSG since the amino acid gets eventually converted into glutamate by the body. Individuals with a history of mental illnesses and seizures should be especially careful about taking this supplement in avoidance of dangerous L-Glutamine side effects.
L-Glutamine side effects might occur while taking certain prescription medications like, for example, anti-seizure drugs and cancer medications, talk to your doctor before initiating any supplemental therapy.