L-Leucine Side Effects

L-Leucine Side EffectsThere have not been any l-leucine side effects reported in healthy individuals, and this amino acid has been determined safe to use for healthy individuals. L-leucine is one of the three branched chain amino acids, and in medical studies even large doses of this nutrient have not caused any symptoms or side effects. Individuals who have problems with liver or kidney function should check with a physician before taking supplements with this amino acid, but in most cases even these individuals can benefit from additional amounts of this nutrient. The lack of l-leucine side effects have been recorded in medical studies and this nutrient is considered safe to use.

Individuals diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is also called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, should never take a leucine supplement. While this amino acid is considered safe for almost everyone, studies involving the use with people who have ALS were stopped early because of the results seen. These individuals faced significantly higher rates of death when this amino acid is supplemented, so it should be avoided completely. This group is the only group which shows l-leucine side effects, but the severity of these side effects can be deadly. For individuals with ALS the risks of this nutrient far outweigh any possible l-leucine benefits.

L-leucine is one of the 9 amino acids on the essential amino acids list. The body can not manufacture these nutrients, and they must be consumed in the diet instead or taken as a supplement. Pregnant and nursing women should only take this nutrient after checking with a physician, to ensure that there are no possible complications or l-leucine side effects that could affect the infant or unborn child. Most of the population may benefit from having more of this amino acid present in the body, and the relative safety of this nutrient makes it popular with many individuals.