Labiaplasty Cost – Top 10 Cost Saving US Locations!

Labiaplasty CostAre you tired of your vagina being compared to a corned beef sandwich or being referred to as a catcher’s mitt? Considering labia removal or other external vaginal surgery in order to correct oversized, undersized or asymmetrical vaginal lips? You might be thinking about labiaplasty cost and how to save some money. While these types of cosmetic procedures designed to correct vagina prolapse or dangling daisies can be expensive, you can find reputable physicians that are performing these procedures at reasonable prices. Whether you are considering labia reduction surgery or another procedure involving the most private area of female anatomy, your choice in a doctor is critical to ensure that you are comfortable with them during a tender time. Finding a doctor that will provide services ranging from vaginal wall prolapse repair to inner tightening is easy if you know where to look, and by doing your research ahead of time, you can minimize your cost while still working with a surgeon that you are comfortable with who has experience in this type of surgery. Check out our top 10 list of labiaplasty cost saving locations scattered throughout the U.S.!

1. Susan E. Kolb, MD: Atlanta , Georgia

2. Aventura Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration: Miami, Florida

3. Daniel A. Medalie, MD: Cleveland, Ohio

4. James J. Barber, MD: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

5. George A. Toledo, MD: Dallas, Texas

6. Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery: Phoenix, Arizona

7. Alisa G. Rekow, MD: Seattle, Washington

8. Jennifer Harrington, MD: Minneapolis, Minnesota

9. Otto J. Placik, MD: Chicago, Illinois

10. Smith Plastic Surgery Institute of Las Vegas: Las Vegas, Nevada

No matter whom you choose for your procedure, labiaplasty cost should not be your only concern. Consider the experience and skill level of the doctor when considering the full cost of the procedure. Saving a few dollars and having an experienced and skill hand performing your surgery is better than bargain discounts at makeshift clinics that can leave you with permanent cosmetic damage or even worse. Shopping around for value and expertise in combination will always yield the best results for your dollar. And, don’t be afraid to travel! It’s not uncommon for people to travel to a doctor to get the best combination of price and results.