Laser Eye Surgery Price – What Is Included and What Is Not?

Laser Eye Surgery PriceIf you are considering laser surgery on your eyes you may wonder what is included in the laser eye surgery price, and more importantly what this cost does not cover. The price of these procedures can vary greatly, depending on where the surgery is being done, what type of laser procedures and technology are being used, whether just one or both eyes are being corrected, and other variables. Normally a price quote for astigmatism laser eye surgery and other conditions will only include one eye. If you need both eyes done then you need to multiply the cost given by two.

Laser eye surgery reviews can help you determine what is and is not included from prior patients, so you can avoid any last minute unexpected expenses. The laser eye surgery price should include a list of the covered supplies and services, so you know exactly what you are getting and paying. Make sure that the cost of the facility used, the doctor doing the procedure, and other normal expenses are included. The laser eye surgery price should include gowns, the required equipment for the procedure, needed medications during and right after surgery, and follow up visits after the surgery is completed.

Getting laser eye surgery price quotes which seem low should be a warning. A refractive cataract surgery price that is much lower than most competitors may mean low quality. It can also be a sign of deception, drawing you in with low prices but then charging extra for everything that most doctors include in the price of the procedure. Discount eye surgery can end up costing you much more than choosing a good surgeon in the first place, and may cost you your vision as well.

PRK laser eye surgery does not involve a corneal flap and has fewer complications, a faster healing time, and less discomfort following the procedure. The laser eye surgery price you pay will be more for this surgery though, because newer technology is used. The best way to determine exactly what this cost includes, and what is extra, is by asking for a breakdown of the price from your doctor.