LASIK Eye Surgery Side Effects – Short and Long Term!

LASIK Eye Surgery Side EffectsIf you are concerned with LASIK eye surgery side effects, the best person to ask is your doctor. The risk of LASIK surgery complications increases tremendously when you work with a doctor that hasn’t been popularly vetted. This risk goes up when patients travel outside of the United States to third world countries in an attempt to get laser eye surgery at a substantially lower price. However, these are only most extreme eye surgery side effects that can arise. Some of the more likely side effects that can occur will be discussed below.

Blurred, foggy and double vision are the most common short-term LASIK eye surgery side effects that you should anticipate. In some cases, vision will correct itself without interference over time, but in other instances the damage is permanent. Your eyes will also be more sensitive to light after surgery, whether you experience other LASIK problems or not. This is why surgeons urge their patients to keep their corneas protected with dark sunglasses.

Other short term LASIK eye surgery side effects include eye redness and dryness. Because a large portion of the cornea will be cut away, tears will not flow into the area naturally. If you are trying to make a decision between traditional PRK vs LASIK corrective eye surgery, note that the top layer of your cornea will be cut with a laser no matter which procedure you choose. Preparing for this surgery properly is the best way to avoid LASIK surgery risks.

At worse, LASIK eye surgery side effects can be permanent and totally irreversible. These potential longer term side effects can include decreased vision and even scarring around the eye. This is why it is crucial that you trust the ophthalmologist performing your LASIK surgery. Accidents happen, but less often when a skilled surgeon is behind the helm. Only then can you carefully measure these risks and then decide if you still want to get LASIK.

In general, you can expect your eyes to be a little sensitive and easily irritable after surgery. This side effect will continuously get better with time until it is no longer an issue at all. Though there are several side effects all patients should be aware of, LASIK is still one the safest corrective eye procedures around.