LASIK Vision Correction Procedure – How Does it Work?

LASIK Vision CorrectionThe techniques used to performed LASIK vision correction may sound unpleasant, but this is actually a painless procedure. In fact, most patients only begin to feel discomfort in the days after. Corrective eye surgery, also known as LASIK, takes a skilled hand and a precise laser to execute. Basically, anyone that has a visual acuity can undergo LASIK vision correction to improve their vision and completely eliminate the need for corrective eye equipment.

The cornea is a thin tissue that covers the eyeball. This protective layer is cut away during LASIK for astigmatism procedures. When the cornea re-grows, most patients have improved vision. Because this is a very delicate procedure, laser eye surgery cost is generally high. To successfully perform LASIK vision correction, the doctor has to be well trained and the equipment must up to FDA standards. Understandably, there are only a skilled few that are able to consistently provide patients with satisfactory results.

After the cornea is removed and discarded, some LASIK procedures involve resurfacing of the remaining eye tissue. This is almost always reserved for those with cataracts. All corrective eye surgeries performed with a laser are considered to be fast, convenient and painless, both for patients and for doctors.

Most corrective eye surgery facilities have flexible LASIK financing options. This enables those without comprehensive medical insurance to receive the same services. When comparing PRK vs LASIK, consider both the doctor who will be performing the procedure as well as your desired outcome. If you have read up on PRK laser procedures, you already know that there are far fewer potential risks.

The only downside to LASIK vision correction is that every patient is different. Sometimes doctors are not able to anticipate complications. Even so, the benefits far outnumber all of the LASIK surgery risks. Total recovery time ranges from a few days to a couple of months, but in the meantime you will still be able to enjoy your life. Your eyes will not be heavily bandaged and your existing vision will not be greatly impaired. LASIK is the perfect choice for people that don’t want to wear restrictive glasses anymore.