Lavender Tea Benefits For Nerve, Digestive and Immune Systems

Lavender Tea BenefitsMost lavender tea benefits are closely related to the nervous and digestive systems. Additionally, you can give you immune system a great boost simply by drinking a single cup every day. Recently conducted studies show that lavender tea can stop convulsions, help you to develop sound sleeping patterns and sooth headaches.

While lavender side effects exist, they seem to only impact those under the age of 18, particularly boys. Boys who are exposed to lavender may show signs of breast development. Expectant mothers may want to avoid this tea for the reasons listed above.

Lavender tea benefits anxiety. If you find yourself feeling nervous and anxious before a major event, drinking a cup will help to keep your nerves calmer. Similar effects have also been reported in people suffering from depression as well as those who experience severe mood swings.

Some stomach ailments such as diarrhea, gas, bloating, pain and cramping can be alleviated with the lavender herb. Heartburn, indigestion and similar problems can also be aided with the use of lavender. However, ulcers require prescription drugs or surgery. There is some evidence to suggest that lavender tea benefits immune disorders. This herb has not been proved to cure the common cold, the flu or help with mucus and sore throats, but it does help people with these illnesses to feel a little better. Lavender health benefits include pain relief, so this is not surprising.

With few potential precautions to worry about, these lavender tea benefits should convince you to add it to your repertoire. Instead of drinking chamomile, you can try this herb and get even more benefit. You will not need to drink it more than once in order to see a real and noticeable difference, while other herbs have to be taken repeatedly before users get the results they seek.

Your minor pains will be alleviated, your breath will be fresher and you will feel better. Most users have fewer mood swings and are generally more pleasant to be around. If you are aiming to improve your immune, digestive and nervous system health, lavender is something that you absolutely need to try.