Laxatives To Lose Weight – Do’s And Don’ts!

Laxatives To Lose WeightLaxatives are prescribed usually for people who have digestive problems like constipation as they loosen the stool and keep bowel movements regular. However, in the recent days people started using laxatives to lose weight. This can sometimes lead to laxative abuse and unpleasant laxatives side effects.

Many people are using over the counter laxatives for weight loss. This can be quite serious and dangerous. According to National Eating Disorders Association, the belief that laxatives are effective for weight control is a myth. The usage of laxatives to lose weight causes you to lose water, minerals, electrolytes and wastes. The weight loss is from the loss of water rather than fat or calories.

Laxatives to lose weight – Don’ts

– Use a fast acting laxative, especially after a meal as it can cause irritation, diarrhea, electrolytic imbalances, dehydration along with other serious side effects.
– Fall for clever marketing that sells laxatives as colon cleansing products. In reality, they cause colon irritation.
Senna laxative can act as poison in case of abuse or over dose and hence don’t use it without prescripton for weight loss.
– Take laxatives more than the recommended dosage per day.
– Use laxatives for weight loss as you can easily and unintentionally overdose.

Some do’s if you are already using laxatives to lose weight

– Chances are that your body is dehydrated. Drink plenty of water to re-hydrate it.
– Take potassium along with other minerals to correct your electrolytic imbalances.
– Seek medical care if you experiencing laxative withdrawal symptoms like abdominal cramping and pain.

Some people drink Aloe vera juice assuming that it will make them lose weight. Although there are many Aloe vera juice benefits, no substantial clinical evidence exists that links Aloe vera to weight loss. Besides, several studies have shown that unprocessed Aloe vera that contains compounds that act as laxatives, can be toxic. Hence, consider avoiding Aloe laxatives that are marketed as colon cleansers.