Liver Cancer Diet Plan – What Foods To Include?

Liver Cancer DietAlthough a liver cancer diet cannot, in itself, cure the cancer it is certainly an important part of the entire liver cancer treatment picture. Liver cancer life expectancy if not very hopeful, and so everything you can do to support your body is essential. A liver cancer diet takes into account the problems caused by liver cancer chemotherapy and the overall needs of the body. Of course you will want to discuss any liver cancer diet with your medical team, but here are some ideas to get you started.

– Make sure you get enough calories, even if you don’t feel like eating

– Keep track to make sure you are eating enough protein and getting adequate minerals and vitamins

– Make sure you get plenty of fluids. You don’t want to add dehydration to your problems. Chemotherapy can dry your mouth out.

– Use natural, healthy ingredients to add flavor to your food. Try onion, green peppers, garlic, seeds or nuts.

– Use seasoning and marinades to improve the taste of food. Radiation and chemotherapy can dull your sense of taste.

– A good amount of vegetables and fresh fruit help maintain health and provide you with vitamins.

– Sports drinks can make sure you have enough phosphate and other minerals. Ensure provides vitamins and calories.

– Use fresh lemon or lime juice to boost the flavor appeal of foods.

Talk with your health professionals to see if there is anything else they want you to consider in your liver cancer diet.

There are a number of liver cancer signs and symptoms and you should know that a number of other diseases can present similar problems. Since both the cancer and the treatments are stressful to your body, you will want to develop an eating plan that gives you the best possible chance for recovery.