Liver Infection Symptoms in Men vs Women

liver infection symptomsThe liver is a large, two lobed organ that resides in the abdomen and is a very crucial component of healthy biological functioning. This meaty organ is housed inside the rib cage and it has a lot of jobs and works with quite a few other parts to help along many important body processes.

Blood coming from the digestive tract is filtered in the liver, and it’s also responsible for metabolizing drugs and detoxifying chemicals; it also makes the bile that gets sent to the intestines as well as serving as an important protein producer. With all of the jobs this important organ has, it’s easy to see why early identification of liver infection symptoms is important, especially since the liver doesn’t always present signs early that it is being damaged or destructed.

As the function of this crucial anatomical component doesn’t vary between genders, liver infection symptoms, as well as those associated with various other types of liver diseases vary little as well. In fact, liver cancer facts even show that the signs of this very serious condition are often very similar to those presented with infection, liver cirrhosis symptoms and those from fibrosis as well, making identification even more difficult.

The most common symptoms of liver disease which includes infection (most commonly attributed to various forms of hepatitis) include a swollen abdomen and changes in stool with the most frequent noticeable change being that of color where the excrement appears very dark and almost black in appearance, however pale stool also occurs as well. Likely the most well known and most easily identifiable of all liver infection symptoms is jaundice, which is characterized by a yellowing of the whites of the eyes or the skin. Other skin changes are not uncommon however such as darkening of the skin color, which occurs in some people.

There are some gender specific differences in liver infection symptoms between men and women however and these can be seen in many conditions that affect the functioning of this important organ. Because degradation of the liver can affect the delicate balance of hormones within the body including annihilation of female hormones, men can experience some unusual physical changes. These can include an enlargement of breasts as well as a reduction in the size of the testes. As women have estrogen naturally, these changes are less apparent in the fairer sex.

While there are many purported home remedies for liver troubles such as the milk thistle liver detox, medical evaluation and treatment is required for diseases and conditions of this important organ. Because the liver is so large, often a vast amount of damage has already occurred before liver infection symptoms can become apparent, and therefore, because of the potential amount of damage that can be underlying, a liver cleansing diet is likely to yield any beneficial results and will do little more than potentially delay important medical care. You should mention any unusual symptoms that you have to your health care provider as soon as they present and discuss liver health with him or her if you have concerns, particularly if you have a history of alcohol abuse or other factors that increase your risk for various forms of liver conditions.