Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis – Is There a Hope for the Cure?

Living With Rheumatoid ArthritisCurrently there’s no cure for rheumatoid arthritis and it’s still a mystery why immune system starts attacking seemingly healthy joint tissue cells leading to their deterioration over time.

You can fully enjoy living with rheumatoid arthritis following a set of measures to reduce general inflammation in the body and build strength and stamina by incorporating simple exercises for rheumatoid arthritis and making some dietary modifications.

Anti inflammation diet that focuses on eliminating citrus fruits, soy, wheat, dairy and sugar for approximately 8 weeks to see if rheumatoid arthritis symptoms are subsided. The common inflammation inducing foods are later reintroduced one by one to determine exactly which foods might be causing your rheumatoid arthritis flare ups.

Traditional medicines and natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis can significantly improve your quality of living with rheumatoid arthritis by addressing pain and inflammation of your joint tissues. The best rheumatoid arthritis supplements are turmeric and ginger that both have potent anti-inflammatory ingredients and can reduce pain and inflammation if taken regularly. Ginger, for example, contains powerful antioxidants that promote toxin elimination from the body and can be taken not only internally in form of teas and capsules but applied externally on swollen joints. Massaging achy joints with ginger oil will not only provide pleasant warmth and pain relieving effect but will help increase joint flexibility over time.

Consult your physical therapist for a set of exercises for rheumatoid or erosive arthritis that you can start building into your workout regimen. Generally, most exercises for rheumatoid arthritis are low impact aerobic activities like walking, biking, and swimming, alternated with strength building resistance exercises that could be done using free weights or elastic bands. Stretching improves your quality of living with rheumatoid arthritis by increasing joint flexibility, range of motion and pain relieving capabilities.

Healthy living with rheumatoid arthritis starts by accepting rheumatoid arthritis as part of your life and taking necessary measures like diet and exercise to postpone rheumatoid arthritis flare ups.