Loop Diuretics Benefits and Side Effects

Loop DiureticsYou may not find the words loop diuretics printed on the label of your water pills, but this specific category of diuretics works in a unique way. There are three main groups of diuretics, with each of them being processed by a different part of the kidneys. Loop diuretics can be both prescription and OTC diuretics, with both varieties having the same list of user cautions.

The main benefit of loop diuretics is the quick and efficient relief of excessive water retention. Most patients on this kind of diuretic have puffy hands and feet, as a result of a chronic illness. Not only do diuretics eliminate excess water, they can also help to aid in improved mobility. Thiazide diuretics serve the same purpose, but they may not be suitable for all patients. Doctors carefully review the medical histories of their patients prior to choosing thiazide, loop or potassium sparing diuretics.

Diuretics can leave you feeling dehydrated and sluggish if you take them in excess or do not eat a healthy diet. However, other diuretics side effects can occur when the user is completely healthy and does not overdose. Having unexplainable headaches, feeling nauseous or losing vision are all side effects of diuretics. Although these side effects do not occur frequently, it may still be deemed safe for you to continue to take the same medication.

Loop diuretics do the same thing that other types of diuretics do. Unless your doctor specifically prescribes them for you, taking this type of diuretic is simply a case of personal preference. If you have a favorite diuretic brand, you can find out if the manufacturer produces diuretics that are up to FDA specifications, and if it is categorized as a loop type.

All diuretics come with measured risk. If you suffer from water retention on a regular basis, it might be worth it to invest in diuretics. Diuretics also come in the form of foods, herbs and other natural substances. As long as they are taken in moderation or when medically required, diuretics can help you to safely look thinner while also enjoying its health benefits.